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NeaZoi Church is more than just a place of worship learn more about us.

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Its all about people, at NeaZoi we focus on creating environments where people go out and fall in love with the King of Love Himself Jesus. Yes we are not shy to say People like you matter a lot to God and whilst we can’t make everyone fall in love we can certainly arrange a date. So if you have not gone to church the last 3 months, or whether you're a seasonal goer or not a churchgoer, hungry or hurt, lonely or lost, full of questions or just looking for a home, NeaZoi Church in Coventry, West Midlands is the place for you. Come on home!.
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The last thing Jesus came to do was not to start another religion. He came to show us what life in the Kingdom of God looks like. Through the cross, Jesus offers us this NeaZoi (New Life) – a life lived in relationship with God. This powerful video illustrates the life changing invitation that God has made to us. Jesus desires to have a personal relationship with you TODAY, will you ACCEPT His invitation and receive New Life. Don’t wait for tomorrow make that decision NOW to live for God and God alone.
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God's Authentic Covenant in Christ

God’s Authentic Covenant in Christ

Christ's sacrifice ushered in an authentic (trustworthy) covenant whereby man is justified by faith in Christ. His blood does not merely cover sin, but through it man's sins are forgiven. Therefore, the animal sacrifices are no longer...
The Blood Of Jesus - The Foundation Of The New Covenant

The Blood Of Jesus – The Foundation Of The New Covenant

The silence of the disciples when Jesus introduced it, saying "This is my blood of the New Covenant, which is poured out for many unto the remission of sins"; and then told them to eat the bread which was His body and to drink the wine which He...
Responsibility of the New Creature in Christ Jesus

Responsibility of the New Creature in Christ Jesus

Despite all that God has given so freely, we as new creatures in Christ do have responsibility. To purposefully share the Good News of Jesus Christ with lost sinners. Many avoid this ministry like a plague, and sadly, do not know how to share...