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NewLife Church Coventry

Using creative methods. Spreading our Heavenly Father’s uncompromising message.

At NewLife (NeaZoi) Church in Coventry, we strive to be creative. After all, our Heavenly Father is the most creative presence ever, and He does some amazing things. Take advantage of the unique, especially created Christ-centred graphics on this page to help us spread the gospel to the world in a subtle and non-confrontational way that could make a big difference.

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But don’t leave this page too quickly. There are lots of graphics here that you can use to spread a positive and uplifting message about the God who loved the world enough to send Jesus as our Saviour.

People will notice when you use and share the desktop wallpapers, iPhone and iPad splash screen graphics and Facebook cover photos below. When you use and share these graphics we have created, you’re spreading our message of hope no matter what position someone finds themselves in.

Maybe graphics don’t seem important to you, but Jesus taught his first followers in unusual and creative ways because he understood the importance of reaching people where they are before trying to take them with you on a life-changing journey. So maybe using graphics to spread the gospel is more important than you first think.

Sharing Love through Graphics

  • Wallpaper

    Wallpaper for your laptop or computer download now.
  • iPhones

    iPhone 3 - 4s Splash Screen Background iPhone 5 Splash Screen Background
  • iPad

    Splash Screen Background
  • Facebook Timeline

    Timeline Cover Facebook Profile Image

Sermon Share Kit

You can now help us share our latest series by downloading the various graphics and share the on your social platforms.

  • Click here for Facebook Timeline
  • Click here for Facebook Post Image
  • Click here for Laptop Background
  • Click here for Computer background